Sports Posters

“We are not tele-marketers.  We are real people with real, working solutions.  We meet with our clients in person, and our complete concentration is helping grow our clients’ business.”

– Tom Moore, President of Edgewater Sports Marketing

ESM’s Sports Posters are large wall posters printed in full color, showing schedules and team photos for high school sports teams.  The posters come in various sizes and are used to promote the businesses that advertise on the poster as well as help the schools publicize their games and events.  Unlike others in the industry, ESM delivers the posters in person, assists in putting them up in the schools and in the community:

  • Posters are placed at the concession stands
  • Posters are placed at the ticket booths
  • Posters are placed inside the bathrooms
  • Posters are placed all throughout the school, including classrooms and offices as well as key, strategic areas of the campus
  • Posters are distributed to the clients on the poster for display in their business
  • Posters are distributed to other businesses in the area for display to the community
  • Posters are also distributed to various high-traffic, big-box stores in the community to get as much “Top of Mind Awareness” as possible.

Businesses who participate in purchasing a poster advertisement from Edgewater Sports Marketing, also benefit from Social Media postings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and others.  Businesses will also be provided free Public Address Announcements from the schools during the sporting events and also will receive podcasts and an opportunity to post your videos on our YouTube Channel.


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